3/24/20: Due to the COV-19 situation, we will still have personnel onsite, but the office access will be restricted. You can make payments by mail, at our office during office hours, by calling the office and using a credit card, or via this website. You can still lease units at the office but office access is limited. Please observe a minimum 6’ social distance when dealing with our staff members. If state or local authorities order a business closure, we will close.

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We offer electronic payments, and your choice of payment dates on the 1st, 15th, or anniversary date of the lease. All units have a $20.00 administration and lease set-up fee.

Camera Security

We have modern security cameras installed to deter and catch thieves.

Gated & Fenced

Our entire facility is fenced in with a gated entrance for extra security.

Boat & RV Storage

We have plenty of space to safely store your vehicles; wheeled or not!

On-Site Managers

There will always be someone here to help you with whatever you need.

Individual Alarms

All our units have alarms to report any tampering of your unit.

Smoke Alarms

Our entire facility is equipped with fire alarms to protect your unit.

Large Doors

Get your larger items in easier and reduce the chance for damage.

Wide Driveways

You will easily be able to fit most vehicles into our facility with room to spare.

A2Z Storage Unit Sizes & Door Sizes

A2Z Storage Facility
UnitSize DoorSize DoorAlarm SmokeAlarm Bld #
8 x 10 8.0 x 8.0 Yes Yes H
10 x 10 8.5 x 8.0 Yes Yes C,J,K
10 x 15 8.5 x 8.0 Yes Yes C,J,K
10 x 20 8.5 x 8.0 Yes Yes C,J,K
10 x 24 8.5 x 8.0 Yes Yes D,H
10 x 25 8.5 x 8.0 Yes Yes C,D
12.5x 25 10.5 x 12 Yes Yes I
12 x 30 10.5 x 12 Yes Yes B
12.5x30 10.5 x 12 Yes Yes I
12 x 46 10.5 x 12 Yes Yes B
12.5x50 10.5 x 12 Yes Yes I
14 x 36 12 x 14 Yes Yes J
14 x 40 12 x 14 Yes Yes H
14 x 44 12 x 14 Yes Yes A